This purchase does not include a Steam key. The offline version does not support the Steam Workshop and not all mods are available outside the Steam Workshop. You can buy Software Inc. on Steam here:

You can read details about the differences between the Steam version and the version sold on this site below.

Software Inc. is currently in alpha, and as such it will contain bugs, be unbalanced and may crash.
If you want to try it out now, see how it progresses and help me make it the best game it can be, you can buy it now.

Software Inc. currently costs $ 14 (Excluding any tax that may apply) and the price will increase as the game progresses.

The purchase includes:

  • Immediate access to the current version
  • All future updates
  • The final release
  • Windows, Mac and Linux builds
  • No ads and no In-app purchases, ever

Note that the difference between the Steam release and the version you can buy on this site, is that the Steam version will require that Steam is running when you launch Software Inc. The version sold on this site will not have any Steam synchronization. Buying the game on Steam does not include the version sold on this site.

If you have any problems please contact me at SoftwareInc at

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