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November 01, 2020, 09:54:43 PM
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For all the people who don't have a CPU good enough to play this game, or are trying to play it on a regular laptop then you're limited in what you can do, because after a certain amount of employees or what not the game starts to slow down, FPS slows, it's annoying, you can't have a grand company.

There is a cloud gaming service called GeForce Now, it allows people to play supported games.
To play games on GeForce Now you must own the game on Steam, otherwise you can't play it.
This would only increase the amount of people that could play the game, hence improving sales.

I've been following the game for a long time, I bought the game years ago and I love it. I would also love to play the game on a more powerful rig, and this can be accomplished by allowing the game to be on GeForce Now.

So I am asking you, please contact the Nvidia GeForce Now team and allow them to add the game onto GeForce Now. To play it, people must still buy it on Steam, so you lose nothing and gain extra sales. I also believe the GeForce Now team would take care of adding it to the platform, so there will be little extra work.

Thank you for reading. And I hope you take this suggestion into consideration.

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