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September 22, 2015, 04:02:13 PM
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What will the game cost?
The price of the game will slowly rise during development, like Minecraft, since I want the price to reflect the current state of the game. I feel it's a nice bonus for early backers and for helping make the game what it is. I expect the price to settle around at least $20.

When will there be a sale?
I currently have no plans for a sale. I feel it devalues the product before it's even been released, plus the game is already about 30% off. Since the price is also increasing, people might see a discount as a bait and switch, i.e. changing the price from $12 to $14 and making a 15% discount. I can't say for sure whether there will be a sale before release, but I'm pretty sure it won't be during alpha.

Development plans
What is planned for Software Inc.?
You can check out, comment and vote on the current roadmap at Trello.

Will there be multiplayer?
No. At least, this is not in the plans, and I don't think it will ever be. If you find a really smart way to deal with syncing the in-game time, when speeding up / skipping time and a gameplay mode that is more in-depth than just trading money, please tell me!

Will there be hardware?
This is not planned. If I finish the game earlier than expected, I might add it as an afterthought, however I have a lot of other ideas that take priority.

Can you add more software?
I will add more software at some point, but it is currently not a priority, since so many other aspects of the game need work. I would suggest having a look at the mods section.

Can you add more furniture?
I will add more furniture as the game progresses and after the game moves out of alpha phase. A lot of the furniture I want to add requires coding mechanics that are not in the game yet.

Can I mod X?
If you cannot add it by XML, i.e. it requires new logic, it cannot be modded. All modding is currently data-based, I will look into adding more depth to the modding system at some point. Adding new furniture and wall textures is planned.

I think the game looks ugly, will that change?
Thank you for totally not hurting my feelings, like, at all :'( The character model will be replaced by someone who is actually a 3D artist, and more clothes, hair styles, faces and accessories will be added. The car models will also be replaced. Most of the furniture currently in the game will likely not change and the overall simple style of the game will not change, but someone who doesn't make ugly stuff, apparently, might take over furniture modelling in the future.

Gameplay related
What changes if I increase days per month?
Most expenses are calculated at the end of each month, while income is calculated during each day, so if you have 1 day per month, all profits will be calculated at once, whereas if you have more days per month, you have time to plan ahead before you have to pay salaries, etc.
Increasing days per month makes the game longer, it does not add anything special to the gameplay, other than what is discussed above.
The feature was mainly added as a way to deal with some people feeling the game moved too fast and some people feeling the opposite.

Where does the interest go from my insurance account?
It is added to your insurance account, you have to withdraw it if you want to use for something other than insuring your employees.

Please suggest more questions to add to the FAQ!
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January 04, 2016, 09:01:50 PM
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you have to add in Hardware into software inc. so that the game is better than Game Dev Tycoon

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December 01, 2016, 03:33:13 AM
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So days per month does not reduce productivity? I must test this tonight...