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February 09, 2016, 05:05:29 AM
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Welcome to the Ultimate Mod Maker forum post!


Warning: This is not released for Software Inc. yet but stay tuned it is being worked on!

System Requirements

Platforms: Mac, Windows (Development)

System Requirements:
Mac: OSX 10+

Windows: 7+
.Net Framework 4.5.2+

Known Bugs


Things to know

Mac Version: Alpha 9.1
Windows Version: Alpha 1.3.1

Ultimate MM is a mod maker for not just one game, but multiple. Currently it only openly supports GDT but later once the GDT part is near finished I will add the other two games. Until then, have fun making mods for GDT with ease!

Current Supported Games: Game Dev Tycoon
In testing Supported Games: Software Inc., and MineCraft


When will it be on linux?
Well Linux is a complicated matter, for now I'd say no.


Website / Downloads


(Optional) Use with mods made by UMM:
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