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February 18, 2019, 12:19:58 AM
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I Got A Idea For A Software Inc. Update ... Software Updates!

They Will Only Unlock In 1995 (Before Then Nobody Had Internet)
They Will Require A Server (For Obvious Reasons)
And There Will Be 3 Types Of Them :

Free Updates :

Free Updates Will Be Provided For Free Whit The Software (For Obvious Reasons Yet Again)
You Can Add Or Improve On 1 Feature Per Update.
You Can Only Be Making 1 Update Per Product At A Time.
If You Starting A New Feature You Will Have To Do All 3 Phases But It Will Be Much Faster Than Making A New Product.
If You Improve Features You Don't Have To Do Design Phase

Improving On Features :

Instead Of Just Having 5 or 10 or 21 units of Code Required It Will Be Split Up Into Different Features.
You Can Decide Which Features You Want To Work On The Most.
The Default Is Each Feature Equally.
This Also Will Apply To Art.

Also The Software Times Will Look At Each Features Level So If Only 1 Feature Is Good Then Your Review Wont Be.

Paid Updates:

Same As Free Updates But Cost Money
Also Fans Will Like Free Update's More Than Paid Ones.

Pro Versions :

Pro Versions Can Add Or Improve On Up to 2-3 Features But Will Take More Time To Develop.
Pro Versions Will Have 2 Prices : One If You Bough The Regular Verson And One If You Did Not.
Adding A Discount For Owners Of The Regular Version Will Make People Happier.
You Can Only Have 1 Pro Version For Each Software But You Can Add Free And Paid Updates To It!

That's All I Got  So Bye!

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