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January 29, 2019, 09:02:28 AM
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I'm new on this game and I find it totally amazing ! I'am a big fan of management game and it's been a while I didn't had my hand of such a serious game :)

While I checked the completed road map and found some point that could cross with this post, I would like to develop some option that would bring gestion to another level:

New employee specialization:

Direction: unique status that would bring with it direction meeting and deep planification on automated management (see below)
Accounting: special employee that gives you deep view on project management (cost of team versus software income)
Webservice: special employee dedicated on website management. Open online support and personal marketing

New Marketing specialization:

Pre marketing
Post marketing
Press relation
Package service

New support specialization:

Phone support
Online support (quicker and raise customer satisfaction on sequel product

Direction and Project Management:

Open planification on Sequel programmation (what's the time between two episode of a sequel)
Open planification on formation during a year
Open planification for additionnal contrat on a project management (sometimes your artist or designer have no work)


This specialization could open a new chapter on software inc bringing with it taxes and optimization. On the other hand I think it would be very useful to have some dedicated charts about software development cost and income, period of rentability to be able of more acute planification on sequels

Webservices and Marketing:

For the moment marketing totally depend on press release and press build. With a more known company, web service could give some constant visibility to reinforce the Hyping system.

Pre marketing could open alpha and beta testers with different bundles. It could add another variable : customer satisfaction. I think a very good management should be to balance image due to marketing and effort made to release quality product.

I hope this suggestion will help you ;) Have a good day

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