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January 24, 2019, 03:38:02 PM
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it-infrastructure stress/workload

Iam working in a it-department of a 300-400 employee company. i love software inc but i miss the it-infrastructure side of view. Ok we have servers, services allocation and it-staff here to strip this area but there is a lot more. Keep software up to date,rollout, running networks and keep the servers in service.

My proposal is to give every server, every computer and every running project task a new attribute wich will stress the own internal network-infrastructure. This new attribut, called "infrastructure stress" or "infrastructure workload" will produce a special task wich we can be assigned to a own "infrastructure team". It is the sum of computers, servers and running tasks or projects. The "infrastructure stress" can be handled like the support taks class where we count tickets. So our infrastructure has a basic chance of failure wich will increas if there are to much "open" tickets/problems. If there is a failure a computer or server(cluster) can fail for the rest of the month like the allready implemented normal state. Or the simple way...its state reach 0 in no time. At the beginning it could be programmers with system and network skill wich can handle this task or special "infrastructur" specialization skill for employees. So these "infrastructure-administrotors" will handle the "infrastructure stress" job or could go to a sup of course. The allready existing it-staff can stay how it is. So you still have a service technician from the hardware producer for the computers and servers.

These whole new internal "infrastructure" feature can be inegrated where the servers are listet at the moment or can get a complete new own field. There you will have a list with subsumption of areas (computers, servers, projects tasks) and wich one produce the wich amount of "stress/workload". In addition you can see the members of your infrastructure team and you could define standard software wich is to use in the company and wich is preselected in the software design document. Of course you can change the software in the design document too.

Behind the scene it could be a special kind of software with system and network demand wich will grow in depence of numbers from used computers,servers and tasks. Just like the software support task with a never ending bug count/increasing bugs.

It would be nice if the dev can give the it-infrastucture a bit more deep. I belive the described way will fit well in the gamestyle. I hope my bad english is not to hard to read. Sry for this.

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