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December 16, 2018, 06:36:53 AM
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I love similar games, but this game ...
At first, it is difficult, after training quickly understand, but ...
Ok, the training said that the staff that you hire need vacation, food, water, rest, well. But, what the fuck is your Persian need to constantly run home? He does not need food, water, vacation and salary, but he needs to run home. What is the meaning of it? Take Game Dev Tycoon. The main character always works, he doesn’t need anything, he doesn’t run home, everything is fine, you play for yourself and you play, but the staff needs a break from time to time, it doesn’t interfere with enjoying the game. In the same game, they work from 8 to 15 and everything, the rest of the time you have is simple and nothing happens, you just check the day and continue. The staff is very sore, eats a lot of dough, but at the same time, the fuck is good for them. Earn if only on contracts, because as with your products - I do not know. I made 2 goods, I just spent my time and budget, but I did not receive anything.
The game definitely has potential, but this constant running work-home-work spoils it. Ugly requests for staff salaries, which force you to fulfill one contract, while you can not enjoy the game enough to create their own motherboards and accessories for them.

Please take away the work time for the staff. Also lower prices for staff salaries.

Sorry, my english very bad. I use translate.

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