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January 24, 2019, 12:28:17 PM
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variabel or changeable (random) employeees character typs and stats wich are triggerd by random events

we know the life as a normal salaried employeee is not easy and static. We have a private life and sometimes circumstances and conditions are changing. Life has up and downs its not a strange road forward. For the game this would make our team composition more variable and realistic. So every employee have the chance to trigger an event wich will change his/her stats, effectiveness, mood. A history log of past events would be nice also. So there is not the "perfect character combo" for our company wich will persist the whole game timeline if it is chosen once. For the game this could be a montly or quarter year based check of an event list with different chances to be triggered. If the event occur then the stat change will happen.

- young employees with a strong fast learning orientation will learn new skills very fast but in common his learning speed will decrease in higher ages so the learning spped should go down also.
- in the late middle ages for our staff(38-65) it is possible and likely that our employee will get a midlife crisis and so some of his stats will change. If positiv or negativ depends on the employeee. So far for the game it will be random.
   -->chance 5% - 10% mostly negativ stat change temporary
- women (18-45) will get childrens so they are missed for work tasks (1/2 ->2 years) and come back later buts still has to be payed (maternity protection)
   --> 8% childbirth chance and descending with age
furhemore here are some more event examples
- employee change life position and move to a other city or country
   --> chance 5%-10%  job dismissal
- employee will become parents, childbirth
   --> chance 8% and descending with age | demand salary increase, stat or mood change
- personal accident or accident in family. accident by bike, car, leader, train, crime victim etc.
   --> chance 2%-4% negativ stat or mood change and|or temporary or permanent handicap till death
- employee acquire a new hobby
   --> chance 2%-4% temporary or permanent stat change
- employee wins lottery
   --> chance <0,0001% chance and dismissal
- addiction to drugs|alcohol|work|pc gaming
   --> chance 2%-4% | -20% on effectivity possible mood change
- crime arresting by law maybe a hacker, affect kill, robber, tax evasion
   --> chance 1%-2% jail, dismissal
- employee self-realization, book writer, becomes famous actor, singer etc.
   --> chance 1%-2% chance dismissal
- employee maariage
   --> chance 5%-10% positiv or negativ stat change and|or effectiveness change
- employee divorce
   --> chance 2%-5% positiv or negativ stat change and|or effectiveness change
- heritage money gain, financal more independent
   --> chance 5%-8% demand salary increas, stat or mood change
Thats it for now. This is just to give some ideas of events. I hope my bad english is not to hard to read. Sry for this.

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