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November 25, 2018, 07:32:16 AM
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I had an idea for multiplayer games:
Allow people to join your game and create companies alongside yours. There is no primary goal. You can invite someone in your game to your company and they will be able to assist you in the creation of your company. For example, you can give them 3 preset permission levels as well as a custom permission level. The permission levels would have something to do with "Allow the user to edit buildings", "Allow the user to manage software", "Allow the user to manage stocks and purchase companies", etc. The companies would battle against each other for the #1 most profitable company. Also, there would be a chat on the right side of the screen (which can be moved around). You can talk in 'Company Only' mode or 'Global mode'.

Players who port-forward their games will be added to a list of 'Servers'. They can either password-protect their game or they can leave it unrestricted. They can choose how many other people can connect at once (from 1-8 for example) and the starting conditions for these players. For example, when they create a company, they can start in a normal plot, a garage, etc. They can also be given a certain amount of money. When players leave the game, they can choose to save their progress so that when they join back later, they will still have everything they created waiting for them. If a world cannot fit all of the players in it, a second world can be created. In order to reach this second world, players can click on a side of the screen and it will take them to the other world.

Anyway, here's another suggestion:
Now, why the heck would you want to hire security guards as a staff member of your company?
But I'll get into them later.

Security guards make sure that criminals do not steal the hard drives located in the server towers in your company. As your reputation increases, your chance of being 'robbed' also increases proportionally. If you have 0 security guards and you are robbed, the chances of the information located on the drives have a 100% chance of being read. After a certain point in the creation of your company, a notification will pop up in the top left saying 'Your company is beginning to become popular, and you will eventually need to hire some security guards to protect the data stored on drives.'
The more security guards you have, the lesser the chances of the drives located on servers is to be stolen.

Obviously, there should be an actual purpose of being robbed, or else nobody would want to purchase security guards.
If you have any hosting deals or any software that is currently being used by the network, then a certain percentage of the information will be stolen. If the information is stolen, then the software times will create a report stating something along the lines of the following:
'Sony has a data breach last month which affected the data of roughly 1.1 million users. We're not sure if they can be trustworthy of our data anymore.'
The reputation of the company will decrease as well. You will get less hosting deals for a small amount of time, and then you will receive a regular amount again. This 'small amount of time' is affected by the amount of data that was stolen in the breach.

If you are being robbed and you have 'Auto-skip day' enabled, then during a random point in the night, you can watch your company be robbed. If you have a security guard, then a police car will shortly arrive at the company building. After that, the robber will be pulled out of the building, and the day will be skipped as per usual.

Before a robbery, typically anywhere from 10 PM to 3 AM, a person wearing black and white will sprint up to your company and run into any rooms containing servers. The robber has two or three hours to steal data from as many hard drives as possible.
With a small server, it will take them 20 in-game minutes to steal all the information on the server. With a larger server, it will take them 30 minutes. A tower server will consume 40 minutes, and a big server will consume 60 minutes.

In the morning, a large red exclamation mark (similar to the warning sign that is shown, for example, when you don't have any way of entering a room) will be shown above the server(s) that were affected. When hovered, it would say 'The hard drives of this server have been removed. Please purchase new hard drives for the server.' I'm sure you guys can figure out a way to purchase new hard drives.

Robberies are typically very rare and only happen once every 7 months to 2 or 3 years. Hopefully, this isn't some sort of game-breaking feature if it is added. Make balance changes as necessary of course.

Thank you CoreDumping for reading my suggestions, and please take them into consideration :)

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