Author Topic: Alpha 10.6.9 patch notes  (Read 1507 times)

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September 03, 2018, 01:00:25 PM
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Steam Post
This patch contains fixes for every bug reported in-game since the official release of alpha 10.

Development update
I've taken some much needed time off since alpha 10 released, which is why I've been mostly quiet on social media. I plan on releasing another Alpha 10 update introducing slanted roofs, after which I'll move on to Alpha 11.

The planned features, as they are listed on Trello now, will not change at this point. I will most likely still randomly add features not on Trello, like the previously added multi-floor parking, outdoor areas and upcoming slanted roofs, but I'm aiming for beta at this point, which means a complete freeze on new gameplay changing features (not including what's on Trello). I don't expect to reach beta within at least one year. Once in beta, development will focus on bugs, balancing, steam integration, localization and adding content.

Patch notes for alpha 10.6.9
  • Fixed a bug that would allow a product to get sales with any price, if it was the sole release on an OS with active users
  • Fixed game freezing due to HR hiring more than 300 employees in one go and optimized team compatibility calculation a bit
  • Fixed deleting rooms under unowned roads when buying plot and added a warning
  • Fixed being able to see and control product under development by going to product details from design document window
  • Fixed tutorial arrows when UI is scaled
  • Fixed money, reputation and market recognition dropdown panels not closing in build mode
  • Fixed game breaking when filtering columns in product detail window
  • Fixed default custom material for modded furniture having full emission/glow (use _EmissionColor)
  • Fixed some issues with AC and central heating not updating when being moved or not having correct Type
  • Fixed marketing deal not showing progress due to wrong value scaling
  • Fixed debug spawning guests breaking game(will also fix bugged saves)
  • Clarified error message when trying to change price of a free product
  • Various other fixes

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