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May 12, 2018, 07:41:04 AM
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Currently you can tell an employee to work as only a Programmer (or any one other category) or to work on more or all categories. But the problem here is that each category (except marketing) has a few more subcategories (System, 2D, 3D ...), and all of those subcategory affects the quality of the product. If you have say 2 Programmers, one 100% good on System but 0% 2D, and the other one has 0% System and 100% 2D, and if the project require 4 units System, 4 units 2D, then the final product CAN'T be outstanding because they both worked on System and 2D but they were bad at one of them.

So, in order to bypass this problem, I suggest you add a check box for EACH subcategory. Meaning that you can tell employee X to work as a programmer but only on System, and employee Y to work as a programmer only on 2D. This way, because they will work ONLY on what they are good at, the quality can be outstanding, not max Good or Great. Later on you can send them to school and max everything, but until then this is a great way to get outstanding products. Or maybe someone simply want to have a team good on 2D, another good on System and so on. Also, in Alpha stage, because the employees won't stop at the estimated unit value, you can add an option to stop the employees to work on System, or 2D, or what else they are working on. This means that you have to add separate values for System, 2D ..., not just to have Code units X. but System unit X, 2D units Y and so on, so the user knows when the team reached the estimated units value, and he can take the employees to work on something else or to stop them, if that is what he/she want to do. This may add more micromanagement but in the end it adds more realistic features and a good way to control the progress of the software the team develops.

As for the game design, you can make it so that when you press on the Check box at a employee for let say Programmer, another window will open where you can check on which subcategory to work, and a box to automatically select all. And if the user presses on the top box so that all employees work as Programmers, then it will automatically select all subcategories for all employees as well.

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