Author Topic: Alpha 10.3.1 out on testing branch  (Read 2013 times)

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April 07, 2018, 06:01:03 PM
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Steam Post
Alpha 10.3.2 changes
  • Updated vending machine, central heating, fridge and 90s PC models

  • Fixed auto graphic settings option not working due to target framerate being 60 fps by default
  • Submeshes in imported furniture is now merged so they have selection outlines
  • Added missing error handling to hour input fields
  • Fixed employees getting their classes and vacation cut short by relocating
  • Furniture animation speed always 1 (fridge)
  • Various other fixes

This release features a completely overhauled temperature system:
  • Room temperatures now instantly reflect temperature changes, instead of simulating temperatures in realtime
  • Water and electricity costs now depend on how much your heating and cooling elements are actually needed, e.g. a radiator will not use water or degrade in quality during warm summer days
  • Tundra and desert temperatures have been re-balanced
  • Each heating/cooling element now have much clearer area and power stats that control how much they can heat/cool.
  • Rooms have an insulation stat controlled by adjacent rooms and windows (can be viewed from the data overlay).

  • Overhauled temperature mechanics
  • Ability to set individual employee benefits
  • Ability to set minimum specialization skill on a team before an employee is allowed to work with it in code and art
  • The role column in the employee window now uses sprites instead of text to show assigned roles
  • Seasoned devs will now have more specialized education rather than none at all
  • Added christmas bonus benefit
  • Ability to control HR specializations for new hires
  • Added target framerate option for non Vsync mode
  • Added thermometer to UI indicating outside temperature
  • Cleaned up team window
  • Rooms should always show area, and multiple selected rooms should show aggregated area

  • Fixed HR preferred age label not updating
  • Lowered hype effect on sales to avoid sudden hype causing random sales drops
  • Select furniture types in rooms would keep some previously selected objects
  • Buildings from workshop not loading on systems with case sensitive paths
  • Removed printing alerts for traded products to avoid spam after company takeover
  • Fix plot near bus stop in leased mode, so employees don't walk into a building from the bus (this fix is not retroactive)
  • Rooms over a road cause unsupported message when placing blueprints or cloning rooms
  • Retroactively fixed some furniture mods breaking saves
  • Game would bug when pressing enter after searching in multi selection window like furniture assignment
  • Improved car pathing logic and cornering speeds
  • Developed a tool to batch spell check XML files and spell checked all XML files

  • Added character LOD and added a unified low poly shadow caster. This will most likely only impact very low spec systems. If you're having performance issues on a newer system and your GPU is stressed, disable "More shadows"

Known issues
  • Auto graphic settings option no longer works, due to the new framerate target option. You can get around it by temporarily disabling VSync and setting the framerate target to -1 before running the tests. Will be fixed in next patch.

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April 08, 2018, 04:01:03 PM
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Patch notes have been updated.