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January 29, 2018, 06:48:41 AM
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Take a look at the old post -

Why do I need testers?
Developers can't always spot their mistakes, that's what you guys are there for! You find dumb errors for me to fix, you can come with ideas and suggestions to changes.
I will need probably 2-3 testers.

What can I offer?
I am looking for dedicated people who are willing to give a hand in this small project. I cannot offer money, the best thing I can offer here and there are possibly steam game keys that I get now and then as a thank you for help. There will be 2 versions of the website on which the tester website you will be given access to everything on the site. On the other site you will become an moderator if you are willing to take that offer and help managing the website

Want to become a tester? Read below.
  • I expect you have experience with troubleshooting - Your main task will be finding errors / issues with the sites or something that should not be possible to do.
  • Constructive information - You need to be able to give well explained information about the issue you find, be able to explain the issue the best way as possible
  • Since this is not a paid job, I do not expect you to do troubleshooting all the time - I do although want someone who has the time to do the job aswell. It does not require much time (depending how thorough you are)
  • I prefer an mature tester. Age is questionable, but I do (as mentioned above) expect you to have experience in troubleshooting.

What would you be looking for when troubleshooting?
It would be all from the pages are responsive to the more technical such as whether if you go to a specific page it displays the correct thing. More examples would be displayed when I've chosen the 2-3 testers.

Want to know more or like to apply?
You can send me a DM on discord SCRUB#4206 - You'll also find me in Software Inc discord channel. There is no application form, just send me a DM telling me a little bit about yourself (Name, Age, Country) and why you'd like to be a tester and if you are curious and have bunch of questions, feel free to ask.
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June 18, 2018, 05:51:54 PM
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Hey JackBank!

If you still work on this project, can be one of your testers :)

Also I know some programming,so I also could help you if you have stack anywhere!