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January 19, 2018, 06:50:53 PM
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Hello there,

I was asked to post my mod here also (further information and screenshots can be found on steam workshop

with the release of Alpha 9 the problem occured of outdated, not supported or half-finished mods, that were very fun to play with, so I created this one from the scratch and overhauled nearly everything, including the descriptions.
Without the mods the experience felt at this stage is dropping by a few levels, thus I built this mod on real history as close as possible, changing some values for better gameplay of course, therefore the name "X-Perience".

Features included:
  • Real name companies and product names for each category are implemented!
  • Over 1900 possible combinations, with 555 researches and over 1100 features available.
  • Starting year can be choosen from 1970 - 2050 in 5 year steps. Every year is filled with several new features, researches and new categories till 2050, filled with some easter eggs for a longer gameplay.
Categories available on different years are showing up at the years in brackets:
  • Computer/Console OS (1970)
  • 2D/3D Graphics (1970 and 3D at 1994)
  • Audio (1970)
  • Game Engine (1970)
  • Game with 9 Subgenres (5 from the beginning / Jump ’n’ Run 1981 / Hack & Slay 1985 / Beat ’em up 1987 and Shooter 1995)
  • Antivirus (1985)
  • Office (1970)
  • Hardware like Mainboard (1970) / Processor (1970) / Graphic Card(1997) / Memory(1970) / Storage (1986) / Disk Drives (First at 1976) / Power Supply Unit(1970) / Cooler(1970) / Case (1970) etc.
  • Virtual Reality (2020)
  • Lightsaber (2025)
  • Robots (2030)
  • Building customized consoles and computers (1970)
  • Input Devices (1970)

For starting the mod after installing it you have to start a new game, click in the line “X-Perience Mod” on “toggle” on the lower right corner, so that a “Yes” is shown in the field "enabled".
On the top right corner in the field “Scenario” you have to choose “X-Perience”. Then define the starting year and money.

Update 27.12.2017: To celebrate 2018, I have added a new category "Input Devices", a special thumbnail and completely re-balanced all sales. The difficulty has risen considerably, so it is now a chance of 50/50 to make profit or not with your product. The incoming sales are now in the range of 5-8 digits, exceptions possible ;)

And now the download link:

January 25, 2018, 10:21:27 AM
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I love your all in one mod, and made an account here just to say so.

February 08, 2018, 11:16:04 PM
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Same here, love your mod. I do combine it with some other mods to include more features like hosting (more in-depth , create your own server software etc). But yeah ! Keep it up!