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May 21, 2017, 05:55:36 PM
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This is Early work in progress operating System..
I can make this as Overwritten original OS but that is on request and if you guys want.

Currently this OS has same functions as Original plus some extensions...
You may still make vanila one unchanged.

Text Based -> 2D Renderer -> Gui -- >Integrated Programs/Mouse support
Single Color Display -> 4 Color Display-> 32 Color Display ->256 Color Display -> 16 Bit Color display -> 32 Bit Color Display
Multi Threading-> Multitasking
Networking -> Internet Connection-> Auto Update-> Internet Browser
Integrated Programs have 3 Programs: 2D Editor, 3D Editor, Internet Browser(requires Internet Connection)
PC Speaker -> 8 Bit Audio -> 32Bit Audio->HD Audio
32-bit System-> 64Bit system

New Software:
Internet Browser

Version 1.2
Known Bugs:
100% interest for software at all times! (no companies that makes em! So it's fixed as soon player/NPC makes it)
Non Steam Latest: Software OS2.0 v1.2


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