Author Topic: Pausing project management appears to pause support for all related products  (Read 662 times)

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April 19, 2017, 01:48:16 AM
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Currently when I pause a project management task, it appears to also pause all support for any active products that team has released, and I assume it does the same for marketing. I'm can't be 100% sure though, as it seems impossible to tell what's happening behind the scenes without cancelling the project, but I have noticed that pausing a PM task has caused the dedicated support teams to go to sleep (there was no other active software for them to support at the time, just the new one).

Not sure if that is working as intended or not, but I would love a tiny bit more control over the project...or more specifically, when the project is allowed to start. Obviously pausing it during the development phase isn't very viable since the release date seems to be getting set around the end of the design phase, but being able to green-light a team to begin design, or hold them back for a little bit during design without affecting their other responsibilities would be grand!

Thanks much

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