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September 09, 2016, 07:46:32 AM
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This tool is to fill a niche I think needed attention. The purpose of the tool is to assist in the installation of MODs that are directly downloaded, or to move DLLMODs that have been installed from Steam to the correct locations with the correct extension.

This tool consists of a simple interface. The application requires the .NET Framework 3.5 available from If you attempt to run the tool without it, the application will fail, letting you know of the requirement.

The tool consists of the following field and options:

  • Software Inc. location: This field is required to point to the location of your game installation. If you have installed the game via Steam or regular installation the tool will check the standard install path. If the path is found it will be filled in for you, otherwise you can double click on the field to navigate to the executable.
  • MOD Location: This is the path to the MOD install package, either a zip file you have downloaded, or a folder already installed, usually under the Steam folder.
    Open upon installation: Open the location the tool installed the MOD to, just for good measure.
  • DLL MOD: This indicates the zip or folder contains a DLLMOD, which is required to be installed in that type of folder. As well Steam does not accept DLL files, so it must be renamed to XML, and then back once on the target computer.
  • Rename XML to DLL: This should be used when the DLLMOD was downloaded from Steam. This ensures the DLL extension, instead of the XML extension. This is an option due to the fact that you may not end up getting a DLL MOD from Steam, this will ensure we don?t go renaming files when not necessary.

Please take a look at the tool, put it to use if you can. I know it doesn?t do much on its own. In this fact I authorize anyone who would like, to distribute the application with their DLLMOD. This will allow you to provide the tool to the folks that can actually use it, and get your MOD into the folders of dedicated users.
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