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July 05, 2016, 08:37:22 AM
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This is a Trainer for Software Inc.
ALPHA 8.10 or later only (Steambeta)
Source now on GitHub:


=> Add money with button
=> Reset all employees to the Age of 20
=> Lock age at 20
=> Max all employee skills (working again)
=> Unlock all Furniture
=> Add a lot of Fans
=> Get all space
=> upgrade all computer (to the next tier, normal with costs)

Work in progress:

=> rename already released software
=> never hungy
=> no stress
=> all compatible
=> set Money to a specific value
=> Lock efficency
=> change gender for all employees
=> funny thoughts

All features are accessable when pressing Escape, open Options and then open Mods tab!

!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!
since this is a DLLModification (READ .NET Modding Info for more Info about DLLMods in general) you need to do the following if you got the mod by subscribing.

=> enable "show known extensions" in Windowsfoldersettings
=> rename the file Trainer.xml to Trainer.dll (located in Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\362620\694988481 folder)
=> Create new folder DLLMods (same level as Mod folder in steamapps\common\Software Inc)
=> copy DLL into DLLMods

DONE ;-)


Q: Sourcecode?!

Q: Clicking the buttons, but nothing is happening?
A: You need to enable the mod by clicking on its name in the modtab (Checkbox)

Q: My employees are aging again?
A: Unfortunatly i didnt implemented saved settings yet.

Q: Why do i have to rename and extract all this to use the mod?
A: Because Software Inc. does not supports uploading DLLMods to the workshop, yet. Once it does i update the mod.

This was more or less the description from my workshoppage for the Mod.

Q: Why am i posting this here?
A: Because maybe some people are interested in doing similar Mods (see Source or just ask)

Q: Doesnt this belong in the .Net subsection?
A: I wasnt quite sure, because its already released, so i posted it here.

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