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February 21, 2016, 08:05:40 PM
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I'm happy to announce Systems

Systems is a mod to provide additional software for "NO-Games" companies for early to mid and late game. Note that NO is an achronym for "not only" and means that you may develop content without game-dev relationships. Currently the game does not have quiet much besides game development and this encouraged me to make this mod.
Game version Alpha 7

  • driver software types for all the skills ingame, starting with CPU and GPU drivers from beginning
  • dev aiding software types like frameworks
  • office tools, like a text editor and spreadsheet
  • advanced technology like engines for mid game
  • high tech like AI and control systems for end game
The software types are categorized Technology and Tools. I added company types for Technology and Office Tools, where Technology is split up for hardware like companies and software like companies, results three types.

Thanks to alpha 7 we are now able to add new personalities to the game so I wanted to test it.
  • Knowledge driven
  • Business driven
  • Diligent
  • Lazy

The mod is now version controlled at Github
Note that I did not test the balancing very much so feedback for the balancing would be great. I try to update this page and the readme at github aswell, more detail will be found in the readme.

So good coding and god save the Devs.  :D
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