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Suggestions and ideas / Smaller GUI scale settings or multiple columns
« Last post by zeus on March 16, 2019, 10:44:15 AM »
I would like a smaller setting for the GUI.
When i develop 12 projects at once i have to scroll constantly to make sure i dont miss a completed work step for design / code in one of my projects.

Alternatively i'd like to have 2 columns for my projects so i can see them all at once in 100% scale.
Currently, getting a building plot costs about the same weather rural, urban, or suburban: $50,000. This is unrealistic, as rural locations often cost far less and urban locations often cost far more. I'm not sure of the exact costs, but many rural locations I have seen in deserts cost less than $10,000 for acres of land.

To be balanced, there should be advantages and disadvantages for different locations. More urbanised locations, for example, should be more expensive for land use, but less expensive for internet, with much faster internet available. They should also have more hiring options than rural locations. Individual employees may or may not be willing to move.

To reduce cost, it may also be useful for one to provide their own utilities if needed. For example, one could have solar panels and wind turbines which would provide a fixed amount of power for some upfront cost and a small amount of maintainence, useful in rural areas with low utility availability or for reducing long-term cost. If insufficient power was available, things would stop working. Water wells for tempurate environments and rain capture barrels for deserts could perhaps be used for water, although rain barrels wouldn't be super effective, so buying water in the desert may make more sense if water lines were available.

Rural internet is sometimes barely available, or only available in extremely slow speeds. For this reason, an interesting feature in-game would be the ability for one to build their own internet lines, for a high up-front expense, to an ISP. If different ISPs were implemented, changing them could get very expensive due to needing either a new line, or needing to move/expand the existing one. For more internet to be available, new lines would need to be made. Higher-capacity lines would be available over time.

Other weird self-sufficiency options would be good too, like the ability to train employees for tasks like IT and in rural locations, maybe even the ability to farm. This isn't necessary for the core idea though; it is just an expansion on it.

I may update this later to better flesh this idea out, but for now, I must do another task.
« Last post by axell on March 13, 2019, 09:25:57 PM »
Add ability to use issue tracking system in addition to Version Control system. Issue tracking should be also installed on project server and will improve quality of development and support
Development of games, software for home use and enterprise are 3 different worlds. These worlds have various requirement for release cycle, support and sales (licenses).  It will be great to reflect this in the game. Currently the process of development of software of different kind in Software Inc is the same.

Here is the list of what can be done differently:

1. Versions, release cycle and development


It is normal situation for the game dev company to develop several games with absolutely the same set of features and these games will slightly compete with each other (user may buy all of them at the same time).

For example, platformers  like Commander Keen and Mario (or strategy like WarCraft and Dune) may use the same engine, have the same features, but different graphics, music and story.

For home and especially enterprise software such situation is exceptional. User will never buy two 2D editors, if they have same set of features and are developed by one company. Also, if next version of your software has only small amount of new features, it is not likely that users won’t upgrade (except the situation, when price for upgrade is low.

So the market models for games and enterprise should be different. Capacity of the game market is higher.  For example, if there are 100 people that plays RPG, that means that you are able to sell 200 copies users (if you have 2 different RPG games). For 2D Editors it’s not true.

Development (expansions)

Games may have expansions. For expansion development mostly art work is required, code changes slightly (there could be some bugfixes and small tuning). Expansion popularity are often limited by the popularity of original game.

Development (sequel)

Sequel development in case of games often requires programming from scratch, you just use some experience from your previous projects and that’s why it’s impossible to save a lot of time. The development of sequel will take approximately the same amount of time.  This is the model used in Software Inc right know.

Sequel development for enterprise on the other hand often means, that you are just adding new features to existing project. It’s is much faster! However without code refactoring quality of the sequel is limited by the quality of original product. With each release quality of the code decreases, that’s why after some years and iterations – code can be ruined, so  it will  be cheaper to develop it from scratch, than to continue just adding new features.

2. Support

Support for games and enterprise differs too. For enterprise it is mostly about consulting users, than just fixing bugs. That’s why the requirement for the personal should be different. It has sense to introduce special role for support staff, especially for the enterprise (mix of QA, Marketing and Programmer skill).

The quality and period of support for enterprise are of course higher (for OSes and databases support period could be 10 years or more)

3. Sale (licenses)

One of the difference in licenses is the existence of Upgrade license for home and enterprise soft, which is cheaper than the full license.

Another difference – enterprise have annual licenses, when user have to pay each year for support. The software could even be free, however support is costly. Ga,es in most cases are one time pay (except MMO and etc)
Suggestions and ideas / Re: More than one team in a room
« Last post by axell on March 11, 2019, 11:13:45 PM »
My suggestion is to remove the negative modifier for more than one team from all rooms (and for offices too). Exception can be done only for meeting rooms. For working rooms distance can be use instead. If members of different teams are seating in different corners of the room or have cubical walls between each other - it shouldn't be a problem
Suggestions and ideas / Re: Team should not be distracted by other teams
« Last post by axell on March 11, 2019, 10:44:30 PM »
Absolutely agree. Waterfall process implemented in the game forced me to split development of one project to at least 3 teams: dev, designers and support (and I used one Artist team shared between all project). Each teams required separate room. So for 3 project developed at the same time I was required to have minimum 10 rooms, even if team has only 1 member in it.- That is ridiculous. It very rarely happens in real life
Suggestions and ideas / Re: Design should run in tandem with development
« Last post by axell on March 11, 2019, 07:16:10 PM »
The present process of design and then develop works for me as it allows me more time to train the development team while design is in progress and then train the design team when the project is handed over to programming & art...

It's a good solution. However when you have more than 2 projects, it appears to be additional pain for you to check if designer is free and should be sent to educational courses and will he be available or not, when you decide to start new project. And what is more important this is far from our real life.

As it was mentioned already in this forum waterfall is dead. Since 90's most of the development teams work using SCRUM,  Kanban or any other Agile methology. I believe it is a very good idea to add support for different development methologies to the game. New methologies can be unlcocked only after some date or milestone and it's up to the player to choose which one he is going to use for his project
Some people have issues with Alpha 10's changes to education, which went from overpowered to seemingly pointless. I now must admit I sometimes feel the same way too, which is why I spent several hours developing this mod ;D.

After decompiling the game library with dotPeek, I found that the EducationWindow class is responsible for handling employee education, up to and including the (delayed) updating of employees' skills. Having been aware of the Harmony Patch Library by Andreas Pardeike, and having made several failed attempts to use the library for other games (namely Cities: Skylines, though I'm pretty sure loads of people use Harmony more competently than me), I decided to give the library another shot.

Whoo boy, was it easier said than done.

Code mods (including DLL mods) are loaded with the assumption that they would not use external libraries, which is not the case for this mod as I make use of the aforementioned Harmony library. This technical limitation means that the first version of the mod that actually included a ModBehaviour (yeah I am dumb; bite me) fails to load properly because the patch library is not loaded before my mod does, meaning the game freaks out when encountering anything Harmony related. I eventually took the verbose way around and finally managed to get the mod to load... but then Harmony fails to patch anything into the game, as three months of in-game training barely eked out anything. As if the game was not patched at all. Welp, I almost gave up there :(.

So I mostly started over and instead compiled two DLLs, one of which is a stub that would load Harmony and then the other DLL (the actual mod; I labeled it the "Extension") into the game. This time it worked. Six months of in-game training bore fruit through the filling of three-fourths of a programming skill bar 8).

Right now, there are still a couple of kinks to be worked out. Specifically, I still need to find a way to convince the game to load the game at launch rather than having to do command lines, and I am currently looking at ways to give the mods options but I have added options to change how long you need to send employee to school in order to max out a skill you want him/her trained on (default 6). It is not exactly meant for public consumption and is more of a way to demonstrate that the game is moddable in ways other than data modding or code extension modding.

And I doubt this is the right section for this mod, anyway :P

Anyway, this mod allows you to change how long you need to send your employee to school in order to max out a skill of your choosing.

Requirements: Harmony Patch Library (included), Software Inc. Alpha 10 (tested on A10.10)

  • Download the latest release of this mod. Extract the contents of the mod to the DLLMods folder inside your Software Inc. directory.
  • Start up your game. If you haven't already bound your key to opening console, do so by going to Settings -> Keys, and then bind "Open Console" to a key of your choosing. (You might not have to do this, but do it just in case.)
  • Activate the in-game console and type "RELOAD_DLL_MOD EducationBuff2" without quotes.
  • Activate the mod in the Mod section of settings.
  • Enjoy!


Change log:
  • 0.4.1
    • Rebuilt .zip file so that only the OS-built in explorer/extractor is needed to open the file, not 7-zip or similar archive explorers
    • Fixed a bug that causes an error when the mod's settings is loaded the first time
  • 0.4
    • First standard release
    • Transpiler used to update code
  • 0.3
    • Harmony Patch Library v1.2.0.1 binary included
    • Added input box option allowing you to change how long you need to send your employee to school in order to max out a skill of your choosing (default 6).
  • 0.2
    • Changed education time required to max out skills to 6 months
  • 0.1
    • Initial release

Due to technical complications, I doubt I will be publishing this mod to Steam Workshop any time soon. Nor am I giving anyone the right to do so for the time being. Feel free to contribute to my mod in any way you can, though. Well, anything short of copying my mod without my permission, that is :D.
New releases / Patch notes updated
« Last post by PatchNoteBot on February 28, 2019, 10:00:23 AM »
Patch notes have been updated.
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