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I was thinking of an idea, where you could focus more on server hosting rather than software development, if you wanted too. This would mean that it'd add a staff section for server engineers (or whatever you want to call it) which could manage the servers like IT would do. If you were hosting for an company, you'd also get support requests from them. Think of it as being a server hosting company.

In addition to this, you'd be able to create server-side software to better manage it on both ends, such as a remote desktop protocol program or a user control panel.


Work in progress / Re: Gingy's RazzleDazzle Mod
« on: June 06, 2015, 11:42:51 PM »

*Updated June 5th, 2015*

0.3.2 Update

*NOTE* Should work with the previous Alpha 4.5, but will require a new game to get the new features

Whats New
--Updated to Alpha 4.6 so won't break with new update-This does mean every game has one forced/useless feature that adds no quality
--Finally got companies to release new software thanks to Dev. Currently the AI doesn't quite understand my dependency trees so they are unable to release the new games yet. Might change in a future update

When you first select a game type from the drop down list it will only show the QA and a Research feature. You MUST select an Adv. Game Engine with the corresponding feature to unlock the rest of the features. This is intentional to force you to create a special game engine for that particular type of game

Installation Instructions:
Extract ModSauce folder from direction into Mods folder under Steam/Steamapps/common/Software Inc./Mods
Start a new game, enable the mod, and enjoy!

Downloads for 0.3.2 - Current

Downloads for 0.3 - Old

Code: [Select]
--Updated to Alpha 4.6 so won't break with new update-This does mean every game has one forced/useless feature that adds no quality, thus AI companies will release crappy products unless they happen to use a game engine with the proper feature.
--Removed Hardware Detector. Decided wasn't original enough and added nothing to the game
--Adds two new company types; one to release hardware stuff, and one to create the social media site-Game companies will be added in a future update cause they are broke as hell right now

Changes in 0.3:
--Changed vanilla Game Engine to represent the 'basic' engine. All advanced features such as 3D or HD audio are removed.
--Added new form of Game Engine called Advanced Game Engine which will unlock 1995 and feature 3D, HD audio, and other advanced features in preparation for coming changes to games
--Added Game Engine Specializations. Can only pick one per engine so your company should develop multiple engines in order to create multiple types of games
--Added four new types of games; Simulation, Role-Playing, Action, and FPS.
--Each game type has built-in specializations that you can choose from. You can now create a military vehicle simulator!
--New specialization called Story
--Changed vanilla Operating System feature GUI to unlock in 1985 to be a little more realistic
--Hardware Detector now unlocks 1995
*Note* The AI companies will release significantly fewer products from 1980-1985. This is on purpose as it seemed unrealistic to me to have 30-50 games all released before 1985

Changes in 0.2:
--Changed name of Programming Language to Coding Language so the name isn't cut off in-game
--Changed "GUI" feature of Coding Language to be named "IDE" to make more sense
--Balance changes to all software
--Changed "Optimization" feature for both Audio/Video drivers to not require GUI and no longer need artists
--Was unable to get AI companies to release Audio/Video drivers so that's been pushed back an update, means Audio/Visual tool cannot depend on software that cannot be created by the AI
--Added small Hardware Detector Software, not very popular, but should be able to pump out loads of them per Operating System
--Added File System software, larger, uses Hardware & System specialization, moderately popular

Changes in 0.1:
--Released to the public!
--Added Programming Language software
Is used to create programs that interface with the computer hardware
--Added Audio Card Driver
Does nothing special
Will eventually be used by Audio Tool for Music Editing
--Added Video Card Driver
Does nothing special
Will eventually be used by Visual Tool for Image Editing
--Added Video Hosting Website
A social website for hosting user's videos. Large server load
--Added new specialization for employees
Named Hardware, will be used for most programs that interface with the computer's hardware
--Current Bugs
For some reason, the new company type has no problem releasing Programming Languages, but the simulation freezes when trying to release the other types, so currently video/audio card drivers and the website are not being made by the AI

Copyright Info:
Its a mod guys. Use it and abuse it. Please don't steal my ideas for your own mod and claim its your idea, but you are free to modify, replace, or reuse the code for whatever you want, as long as you aren't redistributing it without my knowledge or consent.

Coredumping for making this awesome game and allowing xml modding
Anyone who might have intentionally or otherwise inspired the ideas behind this mod

  • Why not put it on a github so people can help with the development?
  • I can help you update this mod, I've added you on steam.

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