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Off-topic / TEST
« on: July 21, 2017, 04:00:00 AM »

New releases / Alpha 9.9.1 out on testing branch
« on: June 16, 2017, 04:19:12 AM »
I've decided to hold out on the discount feature indefinitely and to delay controlling subsidiary releases until alpha 10. I've decided on this, as I want to get moving on alpha 10. Alpha 9 has already taken too long. Changing existing mechanics takes a lot longer than adding new ones and I've been anxious about the response to the gameplay changes introduced in alpha 9.

To make up for not getting discounts and subsidiary control in alpha 9, I've introduced the long awaited Undo button in build mode. When I'm positive the undo button is stable, I'll release alpha 9 officially and move on to alpha 10. In the meantime, the undo button will auto save every time it's clicked with a 5 second cool down, to make sure your game can be recovered.

  • Ability to undo in build mode
  • Delete walls between rooms as alternative to right click and merge
  • Added names to staff list and ability to assign rooms to staff using a list
  • Updated Steamworks SDK
  • Updated to Unity 5.5.4f1

  • Fixed bugs relating to cooks
  • Company filter gets stuck for all releases list
  • Various other fixes

New releases / Alpha 9.8.1 out on testing branch
« on: June 08, 2017, 05:19:07 PM »
I've been considering whether to skip alpha 9 completely and move straight on to alpha 10, as the feedback has been kind of mixed and I don't want to give a bad impression for first-time players. I've decided to stay with alpha 9 and do one last overhaul of the alpha phase by making code and art progress easier to read using a small generic number, rather than the "lines of code" metric, and putting an estimate of the final value in the design document window.

I want to stress that having a progress bar no longer makes any sense, as the underlying quality of a product can no longer be condensed into a single number without being very misleading, and it would ultimately make the game more confusing.

  • Switched to code/art units and added estimate in design document (all current contracts will fail)
  • Made alpha phase endless, where code quality will very slowly decrease when being over developed
  • Added ability to filter lists by column values
  • Add the (Any) indication to leader role labels
  • Disable confirmation dialogs option
  • Task type filter now shows everything when all toggles are off, which they are by default
  • Running out of company names will no longer result in an error but will be logged
  • Ability to instantly release products using modded software from console
  • Add in-dev OS dependency warning

  • Newspaper will not mention lack of potential sales for new companies, since it's relative
  • In-house products should not count towards sequel bonus
  • Failed steam workshop mods will now show real name in bug report and a list of mods that failed to load are given in the options window
  • Mod loading code wouldn't note software type name in error message when failing to parse XML
  • Various other fixes

New releases / Alpha 9.7.1 out on testing branch
« on: May 16, 2017, 06:55:34 PM »
Alpha 9.7.4 fixes trees staying when building rooms.
Alpha 9.7.3 fixes not being able to load new saves.
Alpha 9.7.2 fixes mod loading and marketing warnings on contract work.

Sorry it took so long. I'm hoping to release alpha 9 officially soon, however I'm still not completely confident in how the new mechanics are presented.

  • Furniture status now degrades while time is being skipped, this will greatly increase repairs needed for some furniture(PCs and servers should be the same)
  • Created 2 new product printers and added SFX
  • Courier now has box capacity instead of product capacity, so copy printing can scale
  • Added courier animation
  • Show current shipping capacity in distribution window
  • Shift+x to close active window
  • Game should remember its auto save file and not overwrite existing auto saves
  • Ctrl+S should save to current save file if any, otherwise autosave
  • Updated marketing tutorial
  • Turned down noise level of computers
  • Don't keep products in design for project management when they are done and leader doesn't have any action points, just queue them up for dev
  • -OffsetWindow can be used to make multi monitor work on Windows if window is not centered
  • Change vacation end to range with number instead of month
  • Save past peer reviews
  • Toggle to see assigned furniture
  • Balanced post-marketing effort needed to compete
  • Balanced hosting, printing and marketing deals (Active hosting deals from old saves will give too much money)
  • Deal filter
  • Improved all colliders to make selection more accurate, especially for employees
  • Print deal failure consequence should be to pay half of remaining copies and 5% reputation hit depending on severity
  • Ability to create team from team selection window
  • Furniture and blueprint thumbnail generation improved
  • Added crunch time for teams which makes employees work faster at a cost, excluding founder
  • List of active distribution deals in distribution window
  • Added follower warning popup to projects promoted to alpha
  • Work item buttons can blink red to help the player take action
  • You can now control name generation for individual company types in mods using the NameGen tag
  • HR is enabled by default for teams with an HR educated leader and HR options no longer do anything by default (previous saves need to enable wage and complaint handling manually)
  • You can now see which products your receive or lose royalties from in the finance window
  • Changed style of snap point indicators when placing furniture
  • Updated to Unity 5.5.3p3 to get profiler working

  • Quality decline warning didn't account for leaders working any role
  • Fixed navmesh generation near pallets and tables which could cause an entire room to become unreachable
  • Audio visualization would crash graphics card on DirectX 9
  • Fixed employee base skill increase based on work being done
  • Team vacation end month wasn't saved
  • Fixed main menu news not showing
  • Employees taking double vacations
  • Game would break completely in main menu if settings file was locked
  • Project management wasn't hyping in dev phase
  • HR now forces education instantly
  • Employees would repeatedly be trained for HR by HR if that was the last education chosen by the player
  • Salaries weren't calculated for employees on vacation or education
  • Can't move furniture when bankrupt
  • Wall lowering affected wall segments on lower floors
  • Employees wouldn't eat at tables with serving trays on it
  • Destroying a room would sometimes fail to reset people in it making them stuck in the air
  • Various other fixes

New releases / Alpha 9.6.1 out on testing branch
« on: April 10, 2017, 02:47:45 AM »
I re-did all the tutorials and improved the tutorial system, hopefully this will help explain the new development mechanics properly. Please tell me if this did not help.

I also added sound effects throughout the UI. Music should hopefully be coming soon.

Subsidiaries are now in. You can currently only deposit and withdraw money from them (It also changes how patents, IP and distribution is handled between you and your subsidiaries), but I plan on adding the ability to control projects in the future as well.

  • Re-do all tutorials and improve tutorial system
  • Add UI sound effects
  • Subsidiaries
  • Add confirmation popup when press build has been released
  • Keep contracts of varied difficulty depending on company rep
  • Use stable sorting algorithm for listview to maintain order between sorts(e.g. sorting by skill and then team will now show employees ordered by skill and grouped by teams)
  • Lower contract reputation gain
  • Manual support option for project management
  • Don't reset SCM selections
  • Increase courier cost and double carrying capacity
  • Warning pop up when quality of project is going down fast
  • Add "hired for" role variable, which HR will use to force correct role and manage education(Will only work for employees hired in alpha 9.6+)
  • Add HR education missing budget warnings
  • Standardize red counter on buttons, use for retirees, research, overloaded servers, and remove event window
  • The game will now display feedback IDs for player when feedback/bugs have been reported in-game, to help support in communities
  • Releasing press release or press build without release date warning
  • Have collapse label function which is shown instead of category when workitem is collapsed
  • Select all/none buttons for team selection window with multi choice
  • Multi select window should be searchable if it has more than 10 items
  • Make furniture assignable from employee list if no employees are selected
  • Add auto team assign to rooms, which will try to assign each employee in a team to a computer in the selected rooms
  • Speed up team reviews
  • You can have up to 10 bugs with no penalty in contracts
  • Leaders can no longer lower quality in development
  • Update to Unity 5.5.3f1
  • Write employee return date when selected if on education

  • Check for GPU instancing support in audio overlay
  • HR budget was bugged and education was free
  • Couriers can carry more with more days per month
  • Warning icons not working in multi monitor mode
  • Deleting all save files and clicking continue will lock game
  • Fixed furniture outside parent on load when furniture origin was on room boundary
  • Employees will show as working on support even if their roles don't match
  • Project management missing design warning shows up even if it unwarranted
  • Fixed possible bug where project management wouldn't pick best needs
  • Various other fixes

  • Don't update hidden fields of collapsed work items
  • Legacy localization loading code was taking 10 seconds on load for no reason

New releases / Alpha 9.5.1 out on testing branch
« on: March 10, 2017, 03:19:08 AM »
Mostly bug fixes and usability improvements. Contracts should be a lot easier now. All tutorials will be updated in the next patch.

  • Removed upper limit on how far employees will travel to find a canteen, this should be controlled through room assignments instead
  • All noise sources are drawn in build mode
  • Temperature data overlay now goes from blue to green to red
  • Lowered volume of phones
  • Support work should show active users
  • Ability to scroll financial sheet
  • Bills breakdown in finance window should be extended to other categories
  • Add arrows to parking space builder
  • Ability to limit printing to specific stock + storage value
  • Call courier option, will go back and fourth between van and boxes until there are no boxes left, expensive cost per box shipped
  • Added status label to hype marketing task indicating follower loss
  • Limit AI printing deal sizes
  • Moved in-game AudioManager to Unity's AudioMixer system
  • On call IT should be able to push away employees from computers if they are very broken
  • "No project set" warning for project management
  • Warning about releasing software if a press release is being written or press build is underway
  • Reject deals to remove clutter
  • Add extra wall toggle that also hides all doors and windows
  • Debt clearance message should be popup, not messagebox
  • Alpha phase up to 10% faster based on difficulty
  • Founder's effectiveness can now be positively affected
  • Contracts now have lines of code and mb art requirements which are shown on the work task(Contracts from previous saves will fail)
  • Quality and progress is judged separately for contract work, where progress gives money and quality gives reputation
  • Balanced contract reputation impact

  • Product windows are not scaled with UI
  • Decibel label not offset correctly with scaled UI
  • Computers became unusable after replacing them due to not updating chair connection
  • Beta print jobs were cancelled on release
  • Post marketing costs were being counted twice in product loss
  • Press release costs were not being subtracted
  • Design specialization progress not updated in UI in some cases(e.g. network for games)
  • Printers were still dropping state even when off
  • Reworded reviews to be clearer on what they mean by "knowing" a company
  • Various fixes

  • Make noise sphere shader instanced
  • Optimized noise floor overlay calculations and drawing
  • Optimized furniture iteration throughout codebase

New releases / Alpha 9.4.1 out on testing branch
« on: February 28, 2017, 05:19:10 PM »

The noise mechanic has been completely revamped. I've been testing out the pre-marketing mechanics based on your feedback, but it seems to work fine when I try it, so the problem with it might be the current lack of tutorials. I'll try to finish the tutorials up for the next update.

When tutorials are finished and the game is balanced enough to allow a fair play through, I'll release alpha 9 officially and start working on getting subsidiaries in (still alpha 9).

  • Changed how refunds are calculated
  • Added proximity based noise system with new noise overlay
  • Rebalanced all noise making furniture and actors
  • Made employees quicker at answering support tickets
  • Couriers should prioritize pallets
  • Added confirmation dialog when promoting from alpha to beta
  • Review costs should be under bills in finances window
  • Room segments should have privacy setting to decide whether the room can be used for toilets
  • Added confirmation dialog when setting release date indicating how many months/years left
  • Project management AI will avoid picking operating systems in categories that lack features, e.g. phones in the 90s
  • Write press build articles
  • Updated to Unity 5.5.2f1
  • Show printing capacity in distribution window
  • Write press release articles

  • Renaming a team would add it to all teams for all project management work
  • Cased openings sometimes not build when cloning/placing blueprint
  • Doors and windows between rooms and outdoor areas weren't being built when cloning/placing blueprints in some cases
  • Fix dialog window positioning on larger UI scales
  • OSs sales sometimes extremely low
  • Overworking art for better quality in alpha phase was not enabled
  • Fixed updating mods on Steam workshop
  • Fixed being able to build a wall through a room by aligning the wall with the room corners
  • Various bug fixes

  • Cache computer chair connection

New releases / Alpha 9.3.1 out on testing branch
« on: February 18, 2017, 02:19:07 PM »

I still haven't gotten around to balancing contracts and marketing, but there have been huge changes to the simulation balancing overall. Some of these changes will not carry into old saves, as there have been some changes to the software types and AI company types, read more below.

My internet situation seems to have resolved after I permanently switched to LTE and installed network cables in the walls. I went from 300 mbit/s to 100, but oh well.

  • Add finance button to main bottom panel
  • Save name of each individual bill and show breakdown in company finance window
  • Toggle between sheet and graph in finance window and have 4 months of backlog instead of 2 months and an average
  • Printers and pallets should have info when selected
  • Add stretchable cased opening (doorway with no door) max 3 meters, limited to interior walls
  • Noise should bleed through walls, where different environments have different levels of background noise, and windows and doors decrease noise isolation depending on wall area
  • Move audio listener closer to ground
  • Added support for custom work types in DLL mods
  • Added ability to check log file and copy to clipboard from main menu
  • Put print deal income in Deals section of company finances
  • Add last months product gross column to player releases window
  • Refund column for player releases
  • Add team button to contract window
  • Contract peer reviews should be based on required quality, not actual quality
  • Sweep selecting an already selected object (ctrl + left mouse drag) will engage sweep deselect mode
  • Changed marketing costs back to being charged once per day or when done, instead of every second

  • Made some big changes to sales simulation to increase market interaction, average out sales in each software category, raise the overall average and reduce high selling outliers
  • The follower mechanic has heavily impacted balancing, so it has been scaled back and is now affected by refunds
  • Changed how the speed of quality addition is calculated, which greatly impacts the alpha phase
  • Speed up alpha phase a little
  • Game engine development has been taken over by AI companies that also make 2D, 3D and audio editors, as they could not make a living on game engines exclusively (Note this won't affect old saves, so your game might be unbalanced if you do not restart)
  • Reduced game engine development time as it was backing up tech progression(Does not affect old saves)
  • Chance of picking all features have increased for AI and the chance of picking low feature OSs like phones have decreased to make sure features like 3D aren't unrealistically delayed
  • Increased average quality of AI company releases
  • AI companies will try to release software that's missing in the market within their specialization
  • Improved AI company budget planning to avoid too many bankruptcies and buyouts

  • Can't update mods
  • Fixed scaling of copy order window
  • Current month for company finance sheet wasn't being updated enough
  • Marketing budget set in marketing window does not account for currency
  • Printers should only be on when printing so they don't break suddenly for no reason
  • Can select wall segments through ground
  • Room area was not recalculated before lighting propagation when merging rooms causing incorrect indirect lighting between rooms
  • Fixed bug where framerate would tank if there was unreachable parking spaces
  • Fixed parking space pathfinding so cars can drive around parked cars
  • Forgot to remove in-development OS dependency error message when releasing new software for project management
  • Replacing a table furniture with a non table furniture was broken and could crash game with infinite loop
  • Product detail window was missing refund number
  • Rare chance that AI companies would buy each other out in one move, removing both companies from the game
  • Employees would try doing alpha work they aren't allowed to because of their role, causing stress and slowdowns
  • Bankruptcy message needs tweaking and company balance entry should include insurance account to avoid insurance counting as a loss
  • Clear employee effectiveness stats when they meet, to not give the impression they are still affected by things from last day
  • Project management action points reset when loading game
  • Various other bugs

  • Made progress bar a MaskableGraphic instead of having two image components, this also enables gradients
  • Improved popup duplicate check

New releases / Alpha 9.2.1 out on testing branch
« on: February 06, 2017, 03:19:06 AM »
Don't worry, I'm not at all done balancing the game and I haven't gotten to contract work yet. This release is mostly to avoid getting the same bug report over and over.

I'm currently working at a snail pace due to my internet situation. I just got a 4G router today. I put my phone's SIM card in it, so I'm currently maxing my data cap, not receiving phone calls and drowning in ethernet cables, until I receive a new SIM card. The cable company that decided to cut my connection without ever informing me have not responded to my inquires and don't really seem to care (They weren't informed I moved in. I didn't know they existed, so I just signed up with an ISP).

Known issues
  • Can't update previously uploaded workshop mods

  • Made reviews more clear when the price is too high
  • Add overall score and review accuracy to peer review window
  • Progressbar for review work
  • Show needs/OSs in info window for software
  • Put contract/deal info in info window for software work items
  • Add enter to accept on team selection window
  • Balance printing job offers
  • Overhauled tutorial system to make it easier to change and add new tutorials
  • Balance support ticket generation
  • Project progress should go to 200%, going above 100% increases quality, but is obviously very inefficient
  • Add warning when starting print job when no printers are present
  • Warn the player when physical copies of a product does not meet demand, causing lost sales
  • Add warning message when furniture could not be replaced due to size

  • Lower bandwidth requirements across entire game
  • Upgrade power of all servers to and balance bills
  • Software work needs release date visible always

  • Error bubbles do not scale according to GUI scaling
  • Should never lose more fans on cancelling support than active user count
  • Missing categories for printing furniture
  • Dates were not being loaded correctly when having more days per month, which could cause instabilities (Somehow worked out in alpha 8???)

  • Fixed design phase sometimes not updating progress bar

New releases / Alpha patch 9.1.3 out on testing branch
« on: February 02, 2017, 04:19:05 PM »
If you are following me on twitter, you'll know my internet connection has been disconnected and it'll take at least 5 days to get it back. As I don't have access to my build server I can't release the mac version until I get my internet back. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

This is mostly bug fixes. I have read all your feedback and will be working on balancing the game and implementing your feedback the next couple of days for alpha 9.2.1.

  • Add doors and windows to blueprint placement model
  • Pause game when error message appears
  • Add missing funds warning to furniture replacement window

  • Bug in how averages were weighted caused product quality to always be really low, despite high reviews
  • Forgot to localize Network specialization
  • Can't save blueprints
  • Retroactively fixed save files breaking when employees retire
  • Removed possibility of having marketing window open throughout development and then starting pre-marketing tasks after release and fixed sometimes not updating choice from pre to post
  • Fixed team compatibility being -1 at load time causing negative effectiveness
  • Fixed changing language will break game and need restart
  • Furniture replacement button visible for furniture with no replacements
  • Fixed employees leave times +-30 min based on laziness
  • Various other bugs
  • Can't create a second project management group

New releases / Initial alpha 9 release out on testing branch
« on: February 01, 2017, 12:19:06 AM »

Major changes
  • Alpha and beta phases have been overhauled to replace progressbar system with peer review system
  • Pre-marketing has been divided into seperate actions and post-marketing is now an endless money sink, with different requirements per software category
  • Product support is now endless and demand is dynamic based on product success
  • Project quality calculation has been overhauled
  • Overhauled product review article generator to give better feedback
  • Overhauled project management to be assigned per leader and more managable
  • Overhauled distribution mechanics
  • Added printers for player to print physical copies of products

Still to come in alpha 9
  • Price discounts
  • Subsidiaries
  • Tutorial updates
  • Press build newspaper review (Forgot to add this)
  • Monthly bill breakdowns
  • More product printers
  • More product printers

Alpha 9.1.1 patch notes
  • Ability to develop software for in-development OSs
  • Instead of forcing the player to chose what to do when they lose, give them 24 hours to rectify the situation, so they have more options than just loans, insurance or stocks
  • Updated to Unity 5.5.0f3
  • Save files are now compressed and only take up about 20% of what they used to
  • Added an extra wall toggle where only outer walls and furniture facing camera are hidden
  • Changed upgrade categorization for furniture to use group names instead of direct furniture names, so furniture A can be upgraded to funiture B if furniture A's UpgradeFrom or UpgradeTo equals furniture B's UpgradeTo name, so mods don't break when new furniture is added
  • Removed mini-games
  • Contract window should have same Team/Artist/Design count information as design document window
  • Are you sure you want to promote from design warning
  • Have info button on dev work items to show the info in the design document
  • Make multi select window scrollable, so server options become manageable
  • Difficulty should not affect employee skills, only ease of market breakthrough
  • Ability to pause work items, especially needed for new endless marketing task
  • Add ctrl+S autosave keyboard shortcut and saving indicator in top right corner
  • Software categories should not have direct reference to RandomNameGenerator, to enable modding random name generators without changing any software
  • Turn CompanyType "Types" into Dictionary to enable AI companies making software in several specific categories for the same software type, null = all categories
  • Added save file backup option to combat corrupted save files, enabled by default
  • Instantiate product windows separately, but keep track using ID
  • Move product window action buttons below list
  • Add current floor level indicator
  • Make parking spaces selectable and add ability to limit use to anyone, staff, cooks, delivery, guests or employees
  • Right click priority buttons on tasks to instantly max or min priority
  • Server temperature is now scaled with its current load
  • Added staff tooltips to explain their function
  • Skyscraper prettification
  • Replaced payment list in insurance window with terminations list, which also shows role, team and years hired
  • Only show one sick message per day
  • Made Big Server Rack mod part of main game
  • All newspaper articles are now saved forever and divided by date in the interface
  • Made UI.xml parsing recursive so there's is no limit to tree depth when localizing to allow more freedom for categorizing
  • Balanced contract work a little
  • Re-did color grading and tonemapping
  • City environment should be default
  • One software feature can now have different specializations depending on whether the actual work is art or code based, using

  • Employee idle button not hidden in build mode
  • Upgrading a server on a table with chairs would not delete table
  • Fixed employees not taking vacation if sent on education after they went home
  • Bug in save system that would sometimes fail to load huge saves with a buffer size exception
  • Added in extra file flushes despite closing stream, since some save games seemed to be missing data after exactly 1 or 2 megabytes written
  • Employees should note their work day length and which hour they arrived at work and base their departure time on that, instead of always leaving at a set hour, since that could be 24 hours away if they arrive very late due to traffic congestion
  • Screen zooms when scrolling with cursor between work tasks
  • Fixed tangents of walls near windows and doors so that they don't appear to be misaligned in certain light conditions at certain angles
  • Insurance window auto corrects value of input text if non standard currency is used
  • Insurance account and company weren't associated when loading a previously saved game, breaking stock worth calculations
  • Accidentally made lowest bid instead of highest when no one on market can afford stock
  • Fixed furniture getting squished in rare circumstances due to comparing squared magnitude with non squared magnitude
  • Fixed bugs in WindowManager.AddElementToElement
  • Removed duplicate entries from UI.xml localization file

  • Enumerate employee thoughts, problems and affecters, should not localize them each frame and save to file
  • Move in-world warning icons from OnGUI to Canvas to increase performance and to have them behind the HUD
  • Replaced most masks with RectMask2D
  • Make a IconFillBar and use it to replace the current reputation stars
  • Changed A* path node connection list to hashset
  • Optimized skyscraper mesh generation code

New releases / Alpha 8.11.27 out
« on: October 02, 2016, 05:19:08 PM »
  • Added idle worker indicator button and game now specifies problem when employee is selected
  • Employees will now try to go to a water cooler to relieve stress if they are completely stressed out
  • Removed releases from "upcoming events" window, player should check "upcoming releases" window instead
  • Having HR "force roles" disabled would force employees to "any role", which was more confusing than helpful

  • Elevator and stairs had become upgradable but would crash the game if attempted
  • Changed employee thought "Stressed" to "I feel stressed"
  • Staff list wasn't sorted correctly when sorting by arrival/departing times
  • Fixed inconsistencies in current selection when employee or staff window is manipulated

  • Removed unnecessary employee computations when game is paused

New releases / Alpha 8.11.26 out officially
« on: September 29, 2016, 01:19:06 AM »
Contains some minor fixes to the marketing window and furniture replacement window. For details see the last update.

New releases / Alpha 8.11.25 in testing
« on: September 26, 2016, 05:19:09 PM »

Sorry for the delays! I've had a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff going on and I'll be moving to a new office in december (I'm currently sharing my office with my wife).

I expect this update to be in testing for a couple of days and then I'll finally move on to alpha 9. I'll do my best to get alpha 9 out before 2017, there are still some missing pieces in regards to how the new mechanics will work together.

  • Replaced furniture upgrade with furniture replacement menu (Furniture mods will need to use a comma separated list for "UpgradeTo" and "UpgradeFrom", read more in Mod Wiki)
  • List installed mods in options window
  • Pick team for porting and save choice

  • Insurance withdrawal and depositing was not scaled by currency
  • No matter how many employees are educated at a time in HR or AutoDev, the same amount is charged
  • Marketing window not using last team picked
  • Updated "Employees" and "Build Mode" tutorial, BUILD MODE2, EMPLOYEES9, EMPLOYEES11, EMPLOYEES12 and EMPLOYEES13
  • Pressing X would close the tutorial window
  • Build mode search only worked for lower case characters
  • Fixed wrong rotation for furniture on tables when upgrading tables
  • Lasse fixed clothes clipping errors
  • Fixed needs not correctly appearing in design document for some software categories present in mods

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