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It would be nice if i could increase wages by XX % on multiple employees at once.
I would also like to payout bonuses to teams, depending on their sales / and how much work they do, this should also increase their productivity for a while.

Something like the "Crunch" option, but a bonus at the end would be good - for mine, I tend to send them to class!

Suggestions and ideas / Re: Multiplayer Mode?
« on: August 04, 2017, 09:49:38 AM »
Though it's a good idea, I don't think it would work with this game. I like playing the game with 4 days per month and very slow - I don't go on high speed constantly (though I do sometimes), where some of the YT vids I've see, they are constantly running the game on full speed and 1 day per month setting - maybe this is for lets plays, but they look like little ants running around.

General Discussion / Re: Mods This month
« on: August 03, 2017, 07:09:15 PM »
Excellent, thanks for confirming that. sometimes the actual mod pages on steam doesn't have all the info (or I can't find it). Can't wait to try some of them out!

General Discussion / Re: Mods This month
« on: August 03, 2017, 02:39:47 PM »
Sorry for bringing this up, but would like to thank you for this list of mods, I've subbed to a couple of them.

My only concern is the age of this post, and those mods, which are compatible with the current alpha 9.10 of the game. Hopefully the ones I've selected are.

As for selecting more than one - will they generally all be compatible. I've got Hardware Mod (revamp), programmers language, networking software and software inc extended.

I'm new to the game and currently playing a normal game but these mods seem to add so much more!

General Discussion / Re: Very confused
« on: August 03, 2017, 02:20:42 PM »
No problem wasn't sure what you knew or didn't, I've not played the previous version so not sure what the difference is from 8 to 9.

I've not really done any distribution stuff with other companies. so not sure what is really available. But I'll explain what I have done and you can decide if it helps or not :)

1. On the company screen, select company, and go to details
2. On the company details, there is a bar to offer distribution for them for a % (seems to be online thing - like "steam")
3. On the distribution window (IIRC - Currently at work and can't check) it tells you the % of the distribution you are doing (line chart bottom left), and it lists the companies that you are doing it for and what % - bottom right. I think above that is the printing screen.
4. The printing section is for your own printing, you can limit the amount to print so if (stock+storage) is under the amount, it will print some more.
5. Also shown on that printing section is the printing for DEALS you have taken - which can be seen on the deals window

Hope this helps.

General Discussion / Re: Worskhop
« on: August 03, 2017, 10:06:27 AM »
Nice idea, I've seen several mods on the workshop (hardware / hardware revamp / Anyfin) as well as furniture mods. but really have no idea how much are in the mods, and having to start a new game each time could get a bit much.

Sorry, new to the game - what do you mean by "Open Source Software" - I know what it means in RL, but in game terms?

do you mean - Set the price to ZERO so it's free? Hmm never even thought about doing that. - or maybe the price should be £1/$/Eur max to pay for "download bandwidth" costs which I've seen on sites.

I guess printing would be 0 stock too - so it's all digital downloads only?

General Discussion / Re: spinning tower
« on: August 03, 2017, 10:00:03 AM »
What's a "spinning tower"??? Can you provide a screen shot?

As for moving it.. Can you create a blueprint from it and then recreate it from that - other than that, never done it so not sure how. Doubt it would be possible, doesn't seem a viable option to pick up and move a building 3 feet to the left.

General Discussion / Re: Very confused
« on: August 03, 2017, 09:58:09 AM »
Hi, Welcome to v9 of the game, I've personally not played any previous version, recently new to the game myself. Anyway I'll try and give you some tips if I can

Printing - If you do your OWN printing, you can do these while the game is in BETA, no need to do it at release - just get 1 printer and 1 pallet and press the "print" button on the card on the right of screen. You will end up at the distribution channels and the product would have been added - here you can set the limit, so if it ever drops below that limit in (stock+storage) it will print some more.

Once you have a full pallet (27,000 per pallet) hire a courier, he will then come and take the boxes to the shops.

Outstanding - You will notice your employees has 2 types of skills (Base, Specialise) - The base skill can't be trained in, this will increase over time as the employee is doing the work - Base skill is for the SPEED at which the employee will do the job, so the higher the faster. The Specialise skill (system, 2d, 3d etc.) these are the ones that point to QUALITY of the product, so if they are 50% in the system skill and you're doing a system product, then you won't get outstanding quality. - these skills are the ones you train up - 33% increase per month - so 3 months training from 0 to 100%.

Recommended - When you are on the design product screen (the one where you tick features) take a look at the details in the middle (and note down the following)

Recommended Designers, Codes, Artists
Estimated Code Units
Estimated Art Units.

OK, now you have these - put the people on the project it recommends - if you put more - it will be slower and reduce the overall quality of the product - "too many cooks spoil the broth"

For the code & art units - this is the estimated units it will require, you can of course go over or under this - but I guess it will also affect quality. When in Alpha - keep an eye on these figures and do your reviews at around that time.

V8 Simple - Not played this, but it does sound like I won't have enjoyed it as much as v9. I love the detail in this and the fact you don't get 100% every time!!!

Distribution Channel - there is a button - bottom middle(ish) of the screen it has 3 arrows on it pointing up - this is the distribution button! though I guess you found this by now with the in game tool tips!

Hope this helps.

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