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  • Always use only "unique key" to once-time using string (Without unit string like: per month, per employee)
  • Unify all unit language usage with one place
  • Keep watching and remove unused string (it's may hard for fast iteration game developing)

Anyway, have a nice day!

My translation project is going to check phase.

Download it here:

Translations / [Alpha 5.4][中文翻译]Chinese Translate
« on: September 23, 2015, 04:32:00 AM »
Hello everybody, i'm happy to "Release" a translation work.

 ;) Checkout/Download it on Github ->

For any question please note: Tell me on Github issue ->
Because i will copy and paste this post for many place.

 ;) 到Github下载 ->
记住任何翻译问题都请去Github反馈  ->

Enjoy it.

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