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Title: Not sure if the community is one for challenge's, but ...
Post by: Dark_Yehn on April 06, 2017, 10:28:32 AM

Looking at the forums I didn't want to necro what old threads there were regarding challenges.
Whilst I do not own the game, (the trial version had a rough time on a 2008 macbook), I have enjoyed seeing the alpha’s on some let plays. In Alpha 7 and 8 it looked that once the success came, money was not an issue and some lets players would have under utilised staff / teams.

May I offer a challenge in a ‘Sims 3 / 4” type way.

‘Bankrupting the world with open source’.
The company only develops and distributes open source software under its own trading name, funded through contracts and deals from external companies that distribute closed source.

Would the desire to release outstanding products reduce the competitions market share and revenue, with the knock on effect of reducing the company income with less contracts and deals. Would it become a balancing act of mediocre open source releases and above average contract work?

I don’t know how the game would react with company replenishment and contracts, nor how the player would complete the challenge tactically. The slow steady push to greatness and the consequential downsizing to unsupported products once the competition has been reduced to nothing? Or the incandescence of success and a single quick boom bust cycle? I am confident it will be how the game reacts that allows the completeness of the challenge.

If you look for addition challenges to run along the previous, imagine recruiting only volunteers and paying only expenses, setting yourself a recruitment policy of a max skill and salary. This is not to say that older volunteers are not available, but maybe a ‘reduced hour’ team/s to demonstrate other commitments, ‘gig economy’ work and such.

Whilst Alpha 7 and 8 playthroughs I’ve seen could have accommodated this challenge. Alpha 9 looks considerably different. I wish you luck and joy should you find the challenge interesting enough to try.

GL/HF o7
Title: Re: Not sure if the community is one for challenge's, but ...
Post by: Harag on August 03, 2017, 10:03:34 AM
Sorry, new to the game - what do you mean by "Open Source Software" - I know what it means in RL, but in game terms?

do you mean - Set the price to ZERO so it's free? Hmm never even thought about doing that. - or maybe the price should be £1/$/Eur max to pay for "download bandwidth" costs which I've seen on sites.

I guess printing would be 0 stock too - so it's all digital downloads only?
Title: Re: Not sure if the community is one for challenge's, but ...
Post by: Dark_Yehn on March 22, 2018, 04:26:37 PM
Sorry long delay in response. There was a function in the development screens to make the software 'open source'. I presume it would restrict the availability of the Sale cost window.

I have not played or watched a 'play through' since the original post which has since been moderated.

If in the development / project creation window, there is still an option for creating and releasing 'open source' GNU,GPL, etc, maybe the challenge is still available.

As for distribution, in-game during the non-digital distribution era, The cost  would be funded by the company with profits from the closed source development for external companies. Much like Solaris was shipped by Sun/Oracle in the past.

GL and HF. will check again in six months </smirk>.